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FMA Communications Inc. offers the leading print and digital media offerings to help your business maximize its exposure in the North American metal manufacturing marketplace. A marketing plan that includes our brands will help your business build brand and product awareness.

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About FMA

The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA) was formed in 1970 to advocate for the growth and sustainability of the North American metal processing, forming, and fabricating industries. With more than 1,300 members, FMA serves this mission by developing valuable training and educational programs, publishing industry-leading magazines, raising funds for vocational school and college scholarships, and sponsoring one of the world's largest metal fabricating and forming technology tradeshows.

Canadian Publications

Interested in reaching more than 22,500 decision-makers in the Canadian machining, fabricating, and welding industries? Canadian Metalworking and Canadian Fabricating & Welding have you covered.

Whom We Reach
Who The FABRICATOR reaches

Reach Decision-Makers at Your Target Buying Companies

Benefit from the highest-quality circulation in the industry

FMA Communications has the largest portfolio of brands serving the North American metal fabricating and forming market. The print audience reaches more than 85,000 subscribers* and TheFabricator.com has more than 2.3 million unique visitors* each year.

*Publisher's own data.

The FABRICATOR by the Numbers

The FABRICATOR is North America's home for the metal forming and fabricating industry since 1971.

Interested in gaining direct access to our circulation? Check out our Single-Sponsor eBlasts.

Management icon

of subscribers carry senior-level/management titles*.

Purchasing icon

of subscribers have purchasing influence in one or more categories at their companies*.

Cart icon

of subscribers are potential buyers for your newest products and services in 2023-24*.

Magazine icon

of subscribers are most likely to visit your exhibit at FABTECH after seeing your ad in The FABRICATOR*.

Purchasing thought icon

of subscribers look to The FABRICATOR to help make purchasing decisions*.

During that time, the publication has cultivated the highest quality circulation in the industry.

Reading icon

Average number of minutes subscribers spend reading each issue*.

Click online ad icon

of readers are more likely to click an online ad if they have seen the advertiser's print message*.

Handoff icon

Average additional pass-along readers per issue copy*. That's 130,033 potential readers for each issue!

FABTECH readership icon

The FABRICATOR continues to be the most read publication among the FABTECH audience.

The FABRICATOR has a highly engaged audience.

Advertising action icon

of all respondents reported having taken one or more actions as a result of reading advertisements in The FABRICATOR*.

Website icon

visited an advertiser's website*.

Website icon

referred an ad to a co-worker or decision-maker*.

Website icon

bought or recommended the purchase of products or services advertised*.

The FABRICATOR advertisements result in action!

Brain icon

agree that the advertising educates and is an important part of the publication*.

Handshake icon

agree they are more likely to trust a company that advertises its product/services in The FABRICATOR*.

The FABRICATOR subscribers value your advertising.

*All data presented here was collected through a survey conducted by Harvey Research Inc., April 2022 issue.

Reach 2.3 million visitors a year on TheFabricator.com. And don't forget the 130,000 enewsletter recipients!

A mockup of thefabricator.com
Fabricating Update enewsletter
A mockup of Fabricating Update newsletter
How We Reach Audiences
How We Reach Them
How The FABRICATOR reaches audiences

The Best Way to Reach the Metal Forming and Fabricating Industry

Connect via print, websites, email, social, live events, and more

In Print

FMA Communications brands provide unparalleled coverage of the forming and fabricating community in the format readers prefer, with more than 60% of our subscribers receiving their issue in print.

Website Advertising

TheFabricator.com Advertising

TheFabricator.com is dedicated to delivering the latest industry news and coverage of North America's metal fabricating industry, thus attracting visitors who are looking for articles, news, and products they need to operate and grow their businesses.

Reading icon

of subscribers said publication websites contribute to their purchasing decision-making process*.

Handoff icon

of subscribers said they are more likely to click an online ad if they've seen the advertiser's print message*.

*Survey conducted by Harvey Research Inc., April 2022 issue of The FABRICATOR.

Website Advertising Positions

Home Page Opportunities

TheFabribcator.com website with advertising positions

Leaderboard Banner Ad in Header

  • 728 x 90 pixels
  • 320 x 50 pixel mobile version also required
  • Advertiser: $3,600/month
  • Nonadvertiser: $4,200/month

Leaderboard Banner Ad in Stream

  • 728 x 90 pixels
  • 320 x 50 pixel mobile version also required
  • Advertiser: $1,700/month
  • Nonadvertiser: $2,400/month

Medium Banner Ad

  • 300 x 250 pixels
  • Advertiser: $1,100/month
  • Nonadvertiser: $1,400/month
All website ads must be 150kb or smaller.

Tech Cell Ads

"Category-specific" ads follow specifically technology and content

TheFabribcator.com tech cells category page with advertising positions

Medium Banner Ad

  • 300 x 250 pixels
  • Advertiser: $1,100/month
  • Nonadvertiser: $1,400/month

Leaderboard Banner Ad in Content

Rotates with up to three advertisers.

  • 728 x 90 pixels
  • 320 x 50 pixel mobile version also required
  • Advertiser: $1,700/month
  • Nonadvertiser: $2,500/month
All website ads must be 150kb or smaller.

Tech Cell Featured Videos

In addition to appearing in TheFabricator.com Video Showcase section of the website, your video will be featured on the technology-specific webpage of your choosing. TheFabricator.com features 30 different category pages.

The FABRICATOR videos on tech cell pages


  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Arc Welding
  • Assembly and Joining
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Bending and Forming
  • Consumables
  • Cutting and Weld Prep
  • En Español
  • Finishing
  • Hydroforming
  • Laser Cutting
  • Machining
  • Manufacturing Software
  • Materials Handling
  • Metals/Materials
  • Oxyfuel Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Power Tools
  • Punching and Other Holemaking
  • Rollforming
  • Safety
  • Sawing
  • Shearing
  • Shop Management
  • Testing and Measuring
  • Tube and Pipe Fabrication
  • Tube and Pipe Production
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • $1,400 per month

Site Sponsor Package

Best value, maximum exposure.

TheFabribcator.com site sponsor package

Maximize your exposure on TheFabricator.com with the package that offers you everything! Brand your company on the industry's leading online resource with the following features:

  • One month sponsored video on homepage or tech cell (based on availability), 25-30 words of description
  • Site sponsor leaderboard ad to rotate on homepage as well as every tech cell homepage in stream
  • One tech cell sponsorship (including leaderboard ad in content pages and rectangle ad in sidebar)
  • Two enewsletter sponsorships for lead generation
  • Social media links in showroom
  • Video in showroom
  • Deep link product lineup and trade name list in showroom

Total value of Site Sponsor Package is $44,000

  • Advertiser: $23,000/year
  • Nonadvertiser: $28,000/year
Lead Generation Products

Lead Generation Products

Cultivate customers for your company's products and services in the most cost-effective ways with the metal fabricating industry's leading digital resources.

Enewsletter Advertising

Monthly Enewsletters

FMA Communications distributes four opt-in-only enewsletters that target specific industry segments: Metal fabricating, tube fabrication and production, welding, and the Mexican metal fabricating and forming market. Advertising in the appropriate enewsletter delivers your message to thousands of qualified subscribers who rely on the enewsletters for the latest industry news and product information.

Enewsletters Advertising Positions

Fabricating Update enewsletter with advertising positions

Horizontal Banner Ad

  • 650 x 80 pixels
  • Advertiser: $1,700
  • Nonadvertiser: $2,100

Medium Banner Ad

  • 300 x 250 pixels
  • Advertiser: $1,100
  • Nonadvertiser: $1,300

Text Ad (two options)

Option 1: One Headline

  • Image: 220 x 220 pixels
  • Headline character count max (including spaces): 30
  • Body copy character count (including spaces and call to action): 340

Option 2: Two Headlines

  • Image: 220 x 220 pixels
  • Headline character count max (including spaces): 60
  • Body copy character count (including spaces and call to action): 290
  • Advertiser: $1,700
  • Nonadvertiser: $2,100
We do not accept animated banners.

Fabricating Update Enewsletter Schedule


Ad Close: 1-10-23

Mail Date: 1-17-23


Ad Close: 2-14-23

Mail Date: 2-21-23


Ad Close: 3-14-23

Mail Date: 3-21-23


Ad Close: 4-11-23

Mail Date: 4-18-23


Ad Close: 5-9-23

Mail Date: 5-16-23


Ad Close: 6-13-23

Mail Date: 6-20-23


Ad Close: 7-11-23

Mail Date: 7-18-23


Ad Close: 8-8-23

Mail Date: 8-15-23

FABTECH Product Preview

Ad Close: TBD

Mail Date: 9-12-23


Ad Close: 9-12-23

Mail Date: 9-19-23


Ad Close: 10-10-23

Mail Date: 10-17-23


Ad Close: 11-14-23

Mail Date: 11-21-23


Ad Close: 12-12-23

Mail Date: 12-19-23


Single-Sponsor Custom E-Blast

FMA Communications' Single-Sponsor E-Blast is a customized email designed to deliver your branded sales message to your target prospects and customers. This marketing tool provides actionable leads that can extend your reach and help you grow your business to new heights!

Take advantage of this new way to reach your target customers and generate new leads while doing it!

  • Cost: $1,500 plus $325 per thousand recipients*
*Total number of email recipients you receive is dependent on select criteria.

Custom Design

  • Allows you to pick the content and products you want to showcase
  • Three customized templates available
  • Optimized for PC, tablet, and mobile devices, ensuring readability

Qualified Audience

  • Allows you to select how many people you want to reach with the email
  • We send the email out to subscribers that are interested in your products from The FABRICATOR, The Tube & Pipe Journal, and The WELDER

Lead Development

  • Within two weeks you will receive a detailed lead report that includes contact information of those that clicked on items within your eblast.

You Provide

  • Subject line
  • Custom header image or logo (up to 650 x 275 pixels)
  • Primary headline
  • Optional intro text (up to 150 words)
  • Optional primary call-to-action button text and clickable URL
  • Up to eight sections (or 15 sections without copy), call out features, products, or other offerings that include: photo, section title, up to 75 words of copy, and clickable URL

Image Requirements

  • JPG, PNG, or GIF
  • Less than 100 KB each
  • 650 pixels or fewer wide

Live Webcasts

Get your target customers' undivided attention with live webcasts!

Promote your latest and greatest products and services and deliver your branded sales message during a LIVE, ONLINE, and INTERACTIVE session with your target customers around the world!

  • Answer audience questions (via live chat feature) in real time.
  • Cultivate new relationships during Live Q&A forum following presentation.
  • Your presentation archived on TheFabricator.com, which attracts more than 200,000 unique visitors every month*.
*Publisher's own data.
Get your target customers' undivided attention with The FABRICATOR's webcasts

Your webcast marketing package includes:

  • Custom print ad in up to three publication issues
  • Two targeted e-blasts prior to webcast
  • Medium banner ad in up to three enewsletters
  • Medium online banner ad in up to two tech cells plus featured on the homepage
  • Blog post written by publication editor
  • Webcast recording archived on website for 12 months
  • One e-blast to all registrants post-event promoting archived recording

Total Value: $55,000

Total Investment: $11,500 net

Custom Lead Generation Packages

Custom Content Lead Generation Package

Do you need help producing and distributing original content to a highly targeted audience of audited decision-makers? We will work with you to create a customized campaign and provide the support you need to generate actionable leads through e-books, case studies, technical or white papers, and more.

Choose the Content: White Paper, Ebook, or Case Study

The FMA Communications editorial staff helps, if needed, to create the custom content piece.

  • Custom landing page created on a targeted publication website. The URL has a contact form requiring contact information to access the content. This lead generation activity continues for the length of the campaign.
  • Custom half-page print ad in one targeted publication issue.
  • Customized lead generation e-blast delivers the content piece to your targeted audience.
  • Sponsored-content ads in targeted monthly publication enewsletter for the length of the campaign.
  • A 300x250 banner ad promoting the content piece included in up to three enewsletters.
  • A 300x250 banner ad placed on up to five category pages on TheFabricator.com.
  • Regular lead reports that show who is interacting with the custom content piece.
Partner With Us

Brand Partnerships

When it comes to the latest news and analysis, there's only one place that the metal fabricating industry turns to — The FABRICATOR.

Magazine icon

Annual visitors to TheFabricator.com.

Social media icon

The size of The FABRICATOR social media audience.

Viewers icon

People watch our content.

People icon

Average age of our social followers.

Line graph icon

Total impressions across our social accounts.

Reach an engaged audience*.

*Data from January 2022 — September 2022.
Tell your brand's story with The FABRICATOR

Tell Your Brand's Story with The FABRICATOR

The FABRICATOR is the market-leading publication in metal manufacturing.

Let's Create a Partnership

Brand Partnership Sprint

This one-week opportunity leverages a tailored digital experience to get eyes on your latest product. Using the framing and voice of The FABRICATOR, we'll work with you on making sure key decision-makers are getting a high-impact experience.

Facebook Brand Partnership Sprint

Digital Element Frequency Total
Content Media (Video, article, etc.) 1
Organic Facebook Post 1
Email 1
Facebook Paid Duration
Performance Report End

LinkedIn Brand Partnership Sprint

Digital Element Frequency Total
Content Media (Video, article, etc.) 1
Organic LinkedIn Post 1
Email 1
LinkedIn Paid Duration
Performance Report End
Case Study
Tell your brand's story with The FABRICATOR

How Do We Define Success?

Track customer engagement with the brand across a variety of mediums.

Partner Video

A brand partner provided video content at 2:53 seconds playtime.

  • Campaign length: 2 Weeks
  • More than 29,000 people watched more than 15 seconds of the video on The FABRICATOR's Facebook page
  • 2,182 people engaged with the content via email
  • 80,654 people saw their content across The FABRICATOR's Facebook page

Share your positive experience with The FABRICATOR!

Contact Us
Tell your brand's story with The FABRICATOR

Build an Effective Strategy

We're ready. Once you've selected your package, we'll work on using our voice and brand to help reach your goals.

Brand Partnership Sprint Guideline Details

  • For our Sprint program, we welcome a variety of your promotional materials including articles, blogs, video, and more.
  • For those interested in video, please make sure that you follow the guidelines below:
  • For the Facebook Brand Partnership Sprint, sponsor MUST have a Facebook page that we can tag as a branded content partner.
  • For the LinkedIn Brand Partnership Sprint, sponsor MUST have a LinkedIn page that we can tag as a branded content partner.
  • Video content for Brand Partnership Sprints should be 30 seconds or less if it is only promoting a product (commercial content) and there should be a clear call to action (CTA).
  • Video content longer than 1 minute should answer the question "how does this product/ad solve a customer’s problem?"
  • Video title should be 30 characters or less.
  • Video description should be 90 characters or less.
  • Make sure to send us a thumbnail — 1200 x 630 pixels minimum, exactly that ratio.
Promotion Packages

Quarterly Promotion Package

It all adds up to your success.

Maximize the impact of your advertising with a Quarterly Content Promotion Package designed to showcase your products and technologies through a fully integrated, audience-targeted, and lead-generating campaign. Each quarterly package includes a print ad in that particular quarter's issue, as well as the following components:

Quarter 1

  • Print Ad
  • Video Showcase E-blast (15,000 recipients)
  • Tech Cell Banner (1 month)
  • E-newsletter Banner

Quarter 2

  • Print Ad
  • Tech Cell Banner (1 month)
  • Video Showcase E-blast (15,000 recipients)
  • Single-Sponsor E-blast (5,000 recipients)

Quarter 3

  • Print Ad
  • Advertorial
  • Tech Cell Banner (1 month)
  • Video Showcase E-blast (15,000 recipients)
  • Single-Sponsor E-blast (5,000 recipients)

Quarter 4

  • Print Ad
  • E-newsletter Banner
  • Video Showcase E-blast (15,000 recipients)
  • Single-Sponsor E-blast (5,000 recipients)
List Rentals

List Rentals

Target the decision makers you want to reach — more than 120,000 subscribers to the industry's leading manufacturing publications!

Supplement your promotional efforts with customized lists that reach the most influential technical professionals in the metal forming and fabricating, tube and pipe, and welding industries.

FMA Communications Inc.'s database includes subscribers to the industry's leading technical publications — The FABRICATOR®, The WELDER and Canadian Metalworking / Canadian Fabricating & Welding.



Marie Briganti

Phone: 914-368-1023

Email: mbriganti@Anteriad.com

The brands of FMA Communications Inc.

The Leading Brands in the North American Manufacturing Sector

Leverage more than a century's worth of brand equity


The FABRICATOR is North America's leading magazine for the metal forming and fabricating industry. The magazine delivers the news, technical articles, and case histories that enable fabricators to do their jobs more efficiently. The FABRICATOR has served the industry since 1970.

The WELDER Magazine

The WELDER, formerly known as Practical Welding Today, is a showcase of the real people who make the products we use and work with every day. This magazine has served the welding community in North America for more than 20 years, and we intend to continue providing hands hands-on information, real-world applications, and down-to-earth advice for welders.

The Tube & Pipe Journal Magazine

The Tube & Pipe Journal became the first magazine dedicated to serving the metal tube and pipe industry in 1990. Today, it remains the only North American publication devoted to this industry, and it has become the most trusted source of information for tube and pipe professionals.

The FABRICATOR en Español Magazine

FMA Communications ha introducido al mercado la edición en Español de la revista The FABRICATOR. Esta versión consiste del mismo tipo de artículos técnicos y sección de lanzamientos de nuevos productos que actualmente presentan el personal de primera categoría de FABRICATOR en Inglés.

Contact Us
Contact our team

Connect With Our Team

Dan Davis

Dan Davis


Dan Davis is editor-in-chief of The FABRICATOR, the industry's most widely circulated metal fabricating and forming magazine, and its sister publications, The Tube & Pipe Journal, and The Welder. He has been with the publications since April 2002.

He has written about U.S. manufacturing trends and issues for more than 20 years. Before coming to The FABRICATOR he has covered appliance manufacturing, the finishing industry, and manufacturing and business software development. As a trade journal editor he has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe, visiting manufacturing facilities and attending the world's most important manufacturing events.

He is a 1990 Louisiana State University journalism graduate.

Lindsay Luminoso

Tim Heston


Tim Heston, The FABRICATOR's senior editor, has covered the metal fabrication industry since 1998, starting his career at the American Welding Society's Welding Journal. Since then he has covered the full range of metal fabrication processes, from stamping, bending, and cutting to grinding and polishing.

He joined The FABRICATOR's staff in October 2007. Since then his technical articles, case studies, and company profiles have won national and regional awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors.

He is a 1996 graduate of Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Lincoln Brunner

Lincoln Brunner


Lincoln Brunner is editor of The Tube & Pipe Journal. This is his second stint at The Tube & Pipe Journal, where he served as an editor for two years before helping launch TheFabricator.com as FMA's first web content manager. After that very rewarding experience, he worked for 17 years as an international journalist and communications director in the nonprofit sector.

Lincoln is a published author and has written extensively about all facets of the metal fabrication industry.

Rafael Guerrero

Rafael Guerrero


Rafael Guerrero was named editor of The WELDER in April 2022. He spent nine years as a journalist in newspapers in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest, covering topics and communities in central Illinois, Washington, and the Chicago area.

Andy Flando

Andy Flando


Andy Flando is the Vice President of Media and Events for FMA Communications.

Amy Hudson

Amy Hudson


Amy Hudson is the Senior Account Executive for The FABRICATOR, The Tube & Pipe Journal, and The WELDER in Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Canada. Hudson also is a sales contact for The FABRICATOR en Español.

Mike Lacny

Mike Lacny


Mike Lacny is the Senior Account Executive for The FABRICATOR, The Tube & Pipe Journal, and The WELDER in Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, and international accounts outside of North America. Lacny also is a sales contact for The FABRICATOR en Español.

Michael Scott

Michael Scott


Michael Scott is the Senior Account Executive for The FABRICATOR, The Tube & Pipe Journal, and The WELDER in Illinois, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Scott is a sales contact for The FABRICATOR en Español.

Sean Smith

Sean Smith


Sean Smith is the Senior Account Executive for The FABRICATOR, The Tube & Pipe Journal, and The WELDER in Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, and West Virginia. Smith also is a sales contact for The FABRICATOR en Español.

Ryan King

Ryan King


Ryan King is the Marketing Consultant for The WELDER and The FABRICATOR en Español. Additionally, King is the sales contact for The FABRICATOR for Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Melissa King

Melissa King


Melissa King is the Marketing Consultant for The WELDER.

Jerry Gunderson

Jerry Gunderson


Jerry Gunderson is the Marketing Consultant for classified ads.

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FMA Communications, Inc.

2135 Point Blvd.

Elgin, IL 60123