Biodegradable Bio-Air Tool lubricants from Renewable Lubricants save cleanup costs

Machinery and a bucket of lubricant are shown.

Bio-Air Tool lubricants

Renewable Lubricants offers patented, ultimately biodegradable Bio-Air Tool lubricants. According to the company, they have better natural lubricity than petroleum-based oils but are safer for employees and the environment.

Because they are bio-based, there is no danger of polluting the air, water, soil, or work environment with spilled lubricant. Should a leak occur, operators can simply wipe it up and throw away the towels or rags, with no reporting or special disposal required.

The lubricants emulsify water for improved lubricity and corrosion protection in moist conditions. They can be fed through an airline lubricator or with a squirt directly into the tool through the quick coupling air connection.