Robey's Welding Cancer Awareness Press Brake

What happens when a family-owned company and a leading manufacturer in the industry collaborate for a noble cause? They create the Pink Cancer Awareness Press Brake that has been developed by Cincinnati Incorporated for Robey's Welding. This remarkable machine is not just a press brake but it seeks to make a difference by raising awareness of the fight against cancer. The Cancer Awareness Press Brake is a tribute to all the cancer patients out there and their families who have helped them fight this battle.

The Pink Press Brake

The machine is a 5-Axis 135-ton Proform+ Series Press Brake with a unique pink color and custom decals that are sure to catch attention. It is equipped with a robust set of specifications that deliver precision bending accuracy, speed, and consistency in metal forming. Learn more about the Proform+ Press Brake line.

Inspiration Behind the Cause

Gary and Melissa Robey, the owners of Robey's Welding along with Michael Pinion, Melissa’s brother and lead operator, worked with Patrick Mulloy, CI sales engineer for the Virginia area, and commissioned this unique press brake to honor their families' experiences with this lethal disease. They wanted to not only show support for the fight against cancer but also raise awareness of the disease and honor those who have been affected by it.

Impacting the Manufacturer as well as the Customer

The Cancer Awareness Press Brake has made a significant impact not only on the customers but also on the manufacturer, Cincinnati Incorporated. The press brake has generated a buzz in the industry and evoked powerful emotions among the Cincinnati Incorporated staff, who are proud to be associated with such a noble cause. Prior to shipping the press brake, the staff members shared a photo taken with the press brake of those who have been affected by cancer in some way. This photo serves as a fitting tribute to those who have lost their battle with cancer, those who are currently fighting, and those who have won the battle. We often forget that cancer affects not just the people who are diagnosed with it, but also their families, co-workers, and friends. This moving and significant tribute has touched the hearts of many.

About Cincinnati Incorporated

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) is a U.S.-based, build-to-order machine tool manufacturer with over 120 years in the industry. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise makes us the ideal partner for companies building innovative products that demand extraordinary durability, stability, and industry-leading features. At our state-of-the-art, Ohio-based facility, we develop and build custom software, dependable laser cutting systems and automation equipment as well as metal fabrication equipment, including press brakes, shears, and PM presses. Our extensive knowledge puts us in a unique position to help you drive efficiency in your manufacturing process no matter how simple or complex. For more information visit

About Robey's Welding

Robey's Welding, established in 1993, is a fast-growing, family-owned and operated fabrication facility specializing in custom junction boxes, equipment stands, and other custom enclosures for the electrical industry. Their headquarters is in White Post, Virginia. Visit Robey's website.