J. J. Keller adds fire-resistant clothing to SAFEGEAR PPE line

Safety apparel is shown

SAFEGEAR fire-resistant clothing

J.J. Keller has teamed up with Drifire to expand its SAFEGEAR PPE line with a variety of Category 1 and 2 fire-resistant clothing, which is also arc rated. Available products include base layer short- and long-sleeve T-shirts, high-visibility vests and sweatshirts, coveralls, jeans, a work shirt, and a balaclava.

Workers in the electric industry and welders need protective clothing, such as FR and/or AR-rated clothing, per OSHA standards 1910.269 and 1910.252, respectively.

Regular clothing exposed to contact with arc flashes, blasts, or flash fires can melt onto the wearer’s skin, causing severe burns. The FR fabric offers protection along with breathability and comfort, the company states.